The Bengal is the result of crossbreeding between a domestic cat and leopard cat, a small wild breed of cat found in Asia and particularly in the province of Bengal.

In 1963 was the first time a domestic cat and wild cat were crossed. From this experiment came the so-called hybrid "F1" (1st generation) and "F2" (second generation) of semi-wild cats. The Bengal breed now called "domestic" belongs to a minimum of the 4th and 5th generations. Only then can they participate in contests or exhibitions and they can be sold to individuals.

Ever since then, a meticulous selection takes place to keep the appearance of the wild leopard Bengal cat but in within the nature of the domestic cat.

Despite its wild origins, the Bengal cat is easy going and seeing it evolve in your home will be a pleasant experience. He radiates from his great intelligence and will enchant you with lot's of affection.

Outside, the Bengal cat will reveal his wild nature by being frisky and listening to the slightest noise and movement.

The curious Bengal cat loves to discover everything such as unknown places with great interest. Through his ancestors, he also inherited the taste of playing in the water and hunting.

Although the Bengal cat is very sociable, he will remains close to his master and devote himself entirely to him.

Very endearing, the Bengal is like a real panther just for you!

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