It took me a very short time to develop an undeniable affection for my cats as they have always brought a lot of well-being to our family. The idea of being a breeder of Bengal cats occurred later in life because my son and I wanted to share our passion with other people.

We have very few breeding males, and all our cats live in a safe and warm environment. For this purpose, we have very few litters each year which gives us the opportunity to carefully care for all our cats.

It's a vocation, a true pleasure to watch our kittens grow; to socialize them properly before they leave us to their new family that will love them and bring them that same happiness.

Our absolute desire to procreate an exceptional quality of Bengal's.

All our kittens leave with their health booklet, TICA registered, vaccinated, vermifuge, and with a guaranteed health contract.

May 17, 2011
OUR BENGAL CATS Rivière-Rouge, June 11 and 12, 2011 at the small animals show
May 17, 2011
OUR BENGAL CATS Maniwaki, June 5 and 6, 2011 at the small animals show

Kain is a short haired, super energetic male with a very robust body structure.
He's a very curious but powerful male.

His muscular structure gives him the stance of a wild cat with the attitude and approach of a hunter.

He's naturally endowed with sublime rosette markings and contrasting colors.
We are pleased to own this exceptional male. He always brings us incredible kittens.

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